Marketing is about managing relationships between a brand and its audience. Its short-term goal is to attract paying customers to recoup the brand’s investment in creating marketing materials, organizing promotional events, and more. The long-term goal is to establish relationships between the brand and its customers.

Social Media Marketing can be instrumental in achieving both short- and long-term marketing goals. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have features that support real-time, company-customer interactions. They support paid ads and implement a customizable, subscription format of receiving content.

Social media is easy to navigate for personal use, but it takes skills and finesse for companies to use it to promote their business. Let our social media managers and marketers take this load off your shoulders while you focus on core areas of your business.



We’ll let the numbers do the talking.

Skipping on social media marketing could mean missing out on the opportunity to promote your company at an affordable cost.

Skipping on social media marketing could mean missing out on the opportunity to promote your company at an affordable cost.



Social media marketing makes it easier for you to find and reach your target customers. The some industries may not be as mainstream as fashion, retail, food, or entertainment, but many of the people who do make the calls — homeowners, executives, their assistants — are present in these platforms. Thanks to social media algorithms (and a few of our own strategies), your posts can make their way into their news feeds. The more often this happens, the faster they will become familiar with your name or company.

Brand awareness happens organically on social media, but we can magnify your reach through paid ads or sponsored posts. These are similar to Pay-Per-Click Advertisements and are useful if you need to do leads generation and promotion at the same time.


Our social media team will manage your accounts and keep your followers engaged with relevant content, helpful posts, and comments that encourage conversation. With your permission, we can also respond to messages and comments, and provide customer service whenever necessary.  


On the heels of brand awareness comes brand authority. The latter isn’t a guarantee, but it is easier to earn your target market’s trust when they already know of your name.  


Besides driving engagement and increasing awareness of your company, social media posts can also send traffic to your website. So on top of the benefits already mentioned, you also get a boost on your SEO campaigns.


Social media followers are higher-quality leads compared to search engine users who find your website through a random or broad keyword search (there’s no telling if the user is merely looking for information or a paying customer). The more they engage with your brand, the faster they will move through the conversion funnel. It will take little to convince them to hire your company by the time they arrive on your Contact Us page.


Our service integrates management with marketing. We offer a complete service, so you can find everything you need for your social media activities at Evesca.

Social Media Audit

We assess your current social media standing, whether you have existing accounts or not. The results of our audit will set the baselines and targets of our service.

Profile Creation

Our social media specialists identify the social media platforms where you need to have a strong presence. Evesca will create the profiles on your behalf. Rest assured that we will provide you with the credentials so that you can personally check the activities on your pages anytime you like.

Social Media Management

Our service includes all aspects of social media posting, from content creation to scheduling posts to moderating follower comments. We are careful about adopting your tone and following your company’s brand bible.

Social Media Ads Management

Need to see results fast? We can integrate paid ads into your social media marketing to fine-tune your audience targeting, reach more people, and get data on conversions. Our social media managers also assess your stats daily. We use the data to find out when the best time to publish posts is, and what type of content gets the most likes and engagement, among other things.

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