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A gorgeous billboard on a deserted highway is money down the drain. It’s the same with digital marketing: a brilliant marketing strategy can send any company soaring, but it is useless if people — the right people — don’t get to see it. Through Search Engine Optimization, you can make the most of your marketing resources and get closer to achieving your lead generation and sales targets.

SEO is the combination of on-page and off-page strategies that make your website rank high on the search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher you rank, the better for your company.

Why is ranking important? 75% of Internet users don’t bother to look at the results beyond Page 1. Only the top 10 organic search results, however, make it on this page. Your chances of getting seen will become increasingly slim the further you are down the SERPs. With Evesca’s SEO services, you can make your way up the SERPs and become visible to your target audiences.


Get the Best Possible Results from Professionals

SEO is simple in theory, but often difficult to execute. It’s not something you can learn to do in a week, and the work involved is more massive than most people expect. If you want to experience the benefits that SEO and digital marketing promises, you need to choose an experienced team of professionals.

Choose Evesca as your digital marketing partner. From developing a strategy to getting elbow-deep into the back-end work, our reliable specialists will steer your campaign towards the best possible outcomes.

Our SEO Strategy

As a client of Evesca, you can look forward to a detailed process that where your input will also matter. We follow a standard process in order to get all the data we need to get your campaign off the ground.

SEO Analysis

Our SEO specialists study your position with respect to your competitors and the online marketing environment for your industry. We identify your strengths and weaknesses, find existing problems, and explore areas to improve and correct. The goal of our SEO Analysis is to develop a plan to improve your ranking on Google and other major search engines.

SEO Audit

An SEO Audit is a more focused study on your website and the factors that contribute to its current standing. Our specialists go over every page in your site with a fine-toothed comb, checking things like content, internal linking, headers and titles, navigation, user interface, and more. The results of your audit will be the basis of the digital marketing strategy we’ll make for you.

On-Page Optimization

Many on-page elements can affect your SERP ranking. Text content, keyword integration, media files, file naming, headers, subheaders, footer information, page loading time — search engines take all of these into account when ranking Top 10 keyword search results. Our team will look into all of these factors and implement changes wherever necessary to boost your website’s ranking.

Off-Page Optimization (Link building)

Another important factor for search ranking is link building. These are links from other websites that point to yours. Google and other major search engines view these external links as proof of keyword relevance and high content value. Other off-page optimization methods are directory submissions, press releases, social bookmarking, and guest blogging.

Content Creation

It’s not enough to cover the technical aspects of SEO; your website will also need reader-centric content that will offer value. Quality content above all else — this has been the directive from Google since after their crackdown on spam-filled websites and link mines. We have content writers, graphic designers, and WordPress specialists who can produce the quality and quantity of content your website needs to rank.


Evesca is all about follow through and communication. We coordinate with you not just to collect data and information for marketing, but also to report on the progress of your campaign. Our project managers can also facilitate communications with our artists and contributors, if ever the need arises. You can look forward to regular reports on your search rankings, website traffic, leads generated, and other important metrics.

Let's Get To Work

The sooner you get in touch with our SEO team, the earlier we can start optimizing and ranking your website. Send us a message if you have more questions about our Search Engine Optimization service. Get in touch with Evesca today.

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