Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC takes traditional advertising to the next level

Rather than waiting and hoping that television viewers and radio listeners will see and hear your advertisements when they air, you can bring them before your target audiences — at the right place, at the right time. Our PPC Services covers all the work involved, from planning campaign groups to generating convincing ad copy. With Evesca, you’re covered in every step of the PPC process.


What Can You Get from PPC

Instant Results

PPC is more pro-active compared to SEO. These ads target Internet users who fit the demographics and web search behavior that you specify. Timing is key: when people find your ad when they’re looking for it, they will click on it, and be directed to your website, product page, or contact us page.

As long as you pin down the right parameters for your target audience, you can be sure your ads will appear before people with the potential to become your customers.

High-Quality Leads

PPC ads appear at the right place at the right time, namely, when potential customers search for very specific keywords like, “where to buy,” “how much,” and “where to find.” By bidding and posting ads that target these keywords and search behaviors, the chances that a homeowner, property manager, or developer will find you first and capture their interest increases significantly.


The beauty of PPC is that every click is a level one conversion. It’s not like handing out flyers on the streets indiscriminately, spending money on people who’ll just throw away your marketing budget a few cents at a time. With PPC, you get something out of every click: market data, traffic, and leads.

Detailed Reports

Google Analytics, the premier PPC platform that we use at Evesca, provides a massive amount of data on PPC ads. You can track how much of your ad budget is spent each day, find out which ads are generating the most number of leads, and further refine your keyword targets based on ad performances. If things sounded complicated just now, don’t worry. Our PPC specialists will inform, educate, and help you make wise calls regarding your PPC ads.

Advertise Online with Evesca

We know better than anyone how delicate advertising can get. It’s a marketing method that spends money—your money—to generate leads and sales. It is, therefore, something you’ll want to entrust to experienced people.

10+ Years of PPC Ads Management

Evesca has been managing pay-per-click ads for clients since 2009. Over ten years of hands-on PPC management has sharpened our skills and instincts for creating effective ad campaigns. We have a results-driven management style, which means our next steps are informed by data and trends.

With our management, your PPC campaigns can increase the quantity and quality of your leads. Furthermore, they can give your SEO efforts an immediate boost with the influx of traffic and improved keyword optimization.


Our Process

You can get more than your money’s worth from our PPC Services. Our main goal is not just to drive traffic to your website and generate high-quality leads, but also increase your revenue. Here’s how we do it:

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