Lead Generation For Roofing Contractors

Lead generation is a critical part of digital marketing. Depending on the business industry and type, the lead generation strategies may vary from one company to another. Digital marketing consists of SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (social media marketing), email marketing, and much more.

The important thing here is which digital marketing channel or platform works best for your business. Depending on the marketing channel you choose for lead generation, the conversion rate would differ. It is good to invest your time, money, and effort in the marketing medium which provides the best conversion.

In this post, we will discuss lead generation for a specific industry – roofing industry. If you are a roofing contractor, this post will help you.

What is A Roofing Lead?

In simple terms, a lead is a person or company that has shown interest in your product or service. Generated roofing lead means when someone shows interest in your roofing services. It could be roofing repair, replacement, or any other roofing services.

When you find someone who is looking for roofing services, it becomes easy for you to convert that person into actual sales. Converting leads into the actual sales in the later process. The first important thing is finding high-quality leads for your roofing business.

There are different ways roofing contractors implement for generating leads for their business. In this post, we will share different amazing strategies by using which, you can generate quality leads for your roofing business.

Roofing Industry

The market size of the roofing contractors industry is around $48.1 billion in 2020 in the United States. Talking about industry growth, over the last five years, the market size of the roofing contractors industry in the United States has grown 2.2% per year on an average.

Leads are the crucial assets for roofing contractors. However, one of the biggest challenges comes in front of a roofing contractor is generating qualified leads.

This is the industry in which the contractor has to test out different ways of generating leads. Trying out different things gives an idea of which strategies work and which one doesn’t.

By trying new and different ways, you can know which strategies provide you with higher conversion and which one doesn’t. It is not just about generating more and more leads. In industries such as roofing, generating quality leads plays a significant role.

Roofing companies start their business website; list their business on Google, and also on various social media platforms. Note that these things will not help you generate qualified leads. To attract people toward your business, you have plan effective strategies.

Ways to Generate Leads For Roofing Contractors

To help you generate leads for your roofing business, here I have talked about some of the best and effective roofing lead generation strategies.

1. Canvassing

Canvassing is a traditional method of roofing lead generation. You should implement this strategy because it still works. Meeting your potential clients face to face can help you convert leads into actual sales faster.

As we have seen this method consists of face to face interaction, it adds a personal touch to the marketing. The best time to canvass is after a storm. 

Some tips for canvassing roofing leads: be prepared for answering various questions, set clear objectives, keep a proven script ready, and then follow up. Conducting these steps properly will make your canvassing lead generation strategy effective.

2. PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads

Various digital marketing strategies are booming right now. If your business still relies totally on old-school or traditional marketing methods, this is the time to switch. You can also maintain an ideal balance between offline and online marketing methods. If you want to generate quality leads faster, this can be the best way.

PPC advertisement is one of the most crucial parts of digital advertising. Do you know PPC visitors are up to 50% more likely to convert from roofing leads to actual customers? Under PPC advertisement, you will be paying based on the clicks you receive. If you don’t have any knowledge and experience with running PPC ads, it is a good idea to hire a digital marketing expert for it.

There are different platforms for running PPC advertisement. For generating roofing leads, you may run Google ads, Bing ads, etc. The good thing about running paid advertisement campaigns is they help you to get the instant traffic. However, in the case of organic traffic, you have to constantly put effort and wait for results to come.

3. Organic SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is another powerful way of generating roofing leads. SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. With the proper SEO strategy, you can increase the search ranking of your website and increase the website traffic. The good thing about SEO is it is completely free. Unlike PPC or any other paid advertisement, you do not have to pay any money for driving traffic to your website.

Depending on your situation, whether you should go with PPC or SEO may differ. For some companies, PPC is the best, while for some companies, SEO can be helpful.

For example, if your company do not have enough budget to spend on running ads, then it is advisable to go with SEO. The important thing to note is SEO takes time, ranking the website on the top of SERP won’t be overnight. On the flip side, if you want quick traffic to your website and you have an advertisement budget, then PPC is the best.

4. Direct Mail

Direct mail is the old-school method generating roofing leads. You must have noticed over the past few years, the number of direct mail has reduced. 

According to a research it was found that an average American receives only 16 mails per week. As compared to emails, direct mails are much more likely to be read.

Sending out direct mail can deliver great results. When the direct mail campaign is planned, executed, and refined properly, you can achieve better results.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing is an important part of digital/online marketing. Before the process of email marketing starts, the first crucial step is building an email list. This is probably the toughest task of email marketing.

Under email marketing, you need to build the list of subscribers that actually relates to your business niche and that are interested in your product or service.

You need to set up automation, to generate the best results out of your email marketing. You need to make sure everything, starting from sending out follow emails, reminding customers about the information, to telling about promos & offers is automated.

6. Local SEO

Local SEO is quite different from organic SEO. The purpose of both SEO types is to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic. Local SEO means doing SEO for local business.

If you want your business to be found online and want to build an online presence, local SEO can play a significant role.

The first step in local SEO is listing your roofing business details on Google My Business and other local listings. After listing it, you need to create links and citations to help the search engine know that your local search result is relevant. This way, you can increase the local search rankings of your business.

7. Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram, both are very giant social media platforms. Due to a huge audience base on these platforms, finding your target audience won’t be a difficult task. The best thing about running ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is they are cost-effective.

Using these platforms, you can generate leads for your roofing business with the minimum ad spent. This lead generation method may work nicely, however, you need to have a proper strategy for generating leads for your roofing business.

8. Blog Marketing

Another great way to generate leads is by doing blog marketing. After creating your website, you can add a Blog section there. On the blog section, you need to publish articles and content around the roofing.

Ranking a website on the top of Google’s SERP (search engine results page) becomes easy with high-quality content. 

9. Local Trade Shows

Attending local trade shows is also a great way to generate leads. You will find both, B2B and B2C local trade shows. It is based on the target audience of your roofing company, whether it focuses on B2B or B2C customers.

Depending on your niche as a roofing company and your target audience, you need to attend as many local trade shows as you can. The good thing about trade shows is you can talk to your potential customers face to face, which adds a personal touch.

To get the best out of local trade shows, you need to give something of value. It could be pens, bags, koozies, and other items. And, on those items, you need to add your company’s name and logo. Whenever the person will use those items, he/she will have your company’s name in mind.

10. Storm Chasing Apps

This is another great way of getting qualified leads for your roofing business. You can use storm chasing apps to get notified every time there is a storm in a particular area. Having storm chasing apps installed will get you notified when the region has a storm.

People don’t consider getting their roof repaired until they have a leak. After storms, there are higher chances of leaks on the roofs. Hence, asking for roof repairs just after the storm increases the conversion rate.

11. Review sites

Though this factor is not directly connected with generating leads for the roofing business, but considering this factor can increase the conversion rate. Note that the majority of people do online research before buying any product or using any service.

Having your online presence and reviews online can help people understand what they should expect from your service. For building your reputation, all you need to do is provide the best and quality service to your customers.

After using your service, many people are likely to share their experience. Or, you can ask them to leave a review online. Also, it is important that you set up all the tools for all the review sites such as Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, Home Advisor, etc.

12. Outdoor Roofing Advertising

Not just online, offline advertising can also help you generate leads for your roofing business. There are so many ways you can promote your business offline.

When it comes to outdoor advertisement, the location of your ad is very important. To drive the best results, you need to place roofing ads in specific locations. When you target demographics of people, people are more likely to show interest in your roofing services.

13. Alliances

Roofing leads can also be generated from your alliances or partners. For example, DIY stores, home improvement businesses, landscaping businesses, and handyman are the potential partners of your roofing services company.

You can ask them if they would be willing to refer any of their customers who need roofing repairs on to your company. It is essential to create a win-win situation. In return for referrals, you can offer referrals back or some commission.

14. Free roofing inspections

Lead generation can be easy when you offer something for free. Basically, you need to build trust with your potential customers. By offering free roofing inspections and estimates, you are increasing the chances of getting new business.

To increase the awareness about free roofing inspections and estimates by your company, you can place banners on a particular area or even mention it on your website.

Final Thoughts

Most people consider getting roofing services in their houses when they have a leak. And, most leaks are caused by storms. So, just after storms, you are more likely to get more business. As we have already discussed, you can make use of various storm chasing apps to get notified about storms in a particular area. 

To generate leads for your roofing business, you need to execute the above-mentioned strategies correctly so let the experts at Evesca handle everything for you.

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